Monday, December 7, 2015

Presentation Flyer/Facebook Wallpaper

My job in contributing to our group project was to design a flyer we could print out or use for the Facebook wallpaper. I didn't wanna make anything too complicated because I wanted to be able to get our products point across quickly and clearly. I also tried to follow certain design criteria.

For Proximity I chose to keep all related elements together, such as the logo/company name, our Facebook/Instagram page and product picture. I kept them together because I thought it would look messy if I tried to overlap everything over the picture. It may have been too hard to read because there would have been a lot going on.

 With the Alignment I decided to try and place everything in a visual and readable arrangement. I wanted each subject stand out.

I also decided to use the flower style earrings because it shows Repetition. I also used two earrings instead of one because I felt having both on the picture was more appealing.

By separating the three subjects I wanted to create Contrast between design elements.

Also going along with what I've been saying about separating everything and not trying to make it complicated I wanted to create White Space. By creating white space I feel it helps the consumer focus on the product while not trying to be overwhelming.

I did, however, forget to incorporate the colors from our color table. That is definitely something I should have done and will incorporate next time.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


The Patriot

     The scene I decided to choose for this assignment is from the movie, The Patriot. The scene takes place at the end of the movie during the last battle where the Colonials are taking on the British. During the battle the Colonials begin to retreat when the main lead, Benjamin Martin, Played by Mel Gibson, grabs the retreating American flag and charges forward into the battle yelling," hold the line, hold the line!".
       I think the director, Roland Emmerich did a very good job with the vision of this scene. The camera views and action shots really bring this scene together. I like how the camera switches from behind the lines to show how many people are retreating and then how it switches to a side view and focuses on Mel Gibson while the Colonials continue to run by him in retreat as he begins to push forward.
      I also like the set and how they run through an old beaten down/destroyed church and at the top of the stairs, Mel Gibson stands and waves the American flag which restores moral which in turn helps defeat the British.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Design Presentation

      For my bad example of advertising, I chose a jar of Apple Jelly by the brand, Great Value. To me, this jar of apple jelly is not appealing at all. It is very bland and does not really stand out. The bread they used in the picture does not make me want to have an apple jelly sandwich... The symmetry in this add bothers me as well because it seems to be all over the place.... It's actually hard to pick things out in this product because there is nothing really on it but the brand, flavor and a picture of bread with jelly on it. Haha

     For my example of good advertising, I chose Smucker's Apple Jelly. To me, this looks much more inviting and appetizing. The lid reminds me of going on a picnic and gives it a more classy feel. The flavor on the label is easy to read and not overkill. The font of the brand suggest a quality product as well. It doesn't come across as cheesy or obnoxious. The apples in the picture go well with the lid because I feel like fresh apples and picnics go well together. I also like the symmetry and focal point of this label. everything flows and looks great.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Contrast, Balance, Harmony

      Last summer two of my friends and I decided to get a permit for Kolob Canyon. I had never heard of it before and had no idea what to expect. After two repels and hiking about two miles through a slot canyon, the sound of water became increasingly louder. As we walked around the corner out of the slot canyon, we were faced with this epic waterfall. I immediately took out my phone and caught this picture of my buddy's giving each other a fist bump because of this amazing display of nature.
      I chose this picture because I can see a lot of what we have been talking about in class. I enjoy the contrast between us standing in the dark slot canyon and the light highlighting the amazing sight of an enormous waterfall coming off the red rock. I also like the contrast in color between the green, red and blue.
      Another aspect I liked was the size of the waterfall. Living in a desert it is rare to see waterfalls of this size. You can see the awe and appreciation of the sight by looking at my two buddy's standing in amazement.
      There is also a lot of texture in this picture in the dry red rock VS. the wet red rock. The dry area looks to be grippy and flaky like most dry sand stone where as the wet potion looks to be slippery and more grey because of algae and water deposits.
      Psychologically I love this picture because it is a place that not many get to experience because of the difficulty level and seclusion. We were the only ones that we saw that day that got to experience this awesome sight and that made this experience that much better.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Visceral Response

      Over the past few days, we have been going over why and how design/art can create a feeling of beauty inside us. In most cases, many things speak to many different people. For me, I love to take pictures of places and experiences I have had. For instance, take into consideration the photo above.
     Over the past 6 years, I have had the pleasure of being part of the Army's Bravo Battery 2/222 Field Artillery and have had some amazing experiences. When I look at this picture, I am reliving that moment. I can hear the hydraulics spooling up and can hear the crew yelling commands as they prep the howitzer to fire. Looking at this picture, I can feel the concussion of the blast and the overwhelming smell of gun powder. On the other hand, I feel like you can appreciate this picture without having experienced it because it is visually stimulating as well.
   From a visual design perspective, I can see many different stimulating characteristics.

Line: Looking at this picture I can tell that the lines attract your attention to the top left of the frame. The soldier in the bottom left corner is looking towards the top left as well as the orientation of the Paladin, howitzer muzzle and the actual artillery round that is coming out of the barrel.

Form: In this picture, form is depth as well as height and width.

Color: One of the first things I noticed was the bright flame in front of the dark sky. Orange and Blue are complementary colors and it makes the contrast between the two pop. There is also a heavy contrast between the light and the dark.

Space: The space in this picture is vast. The only reference point in this picture past the explosion are the mountains in the distance. There is a vast amount of space in this picture.

Texture: The light and the dark in the grass give the picture texture. You can also see the grass under the muzzle blast is flattened to the ground which makes the grass behind it pop and seem taller.